Easy Online Bookkeeping for Crafters

Do you know if your crafting business is turning a profit? You’d have an easier time if you did your bookkeeping regularly. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare! A micro-business owner like yourself can easily keep books and manage invoicing with the new cloud accounting applications.

Computer or Mobile Device

Online cloud accounting programs are quick to set up, super easy to use, and give your invoices a professional look. They are also available for iPhone, iPad, and Android as an app. I use the Freshbooks iPhone app, and it is very functional for time entry, creating invoices, entering expenses, and pretty much all of the online functions except reports.

Track Expenses

Automatically record expenses by linking your credit card and business bank account to Freshbooks. All you may need to do is edit them to make sure they’re categorized correctly. If you need help getting set up, contact a local Freshbooks Certified Bean Counter for help.

Create and Track Invoices

Upload your company logo to make a professional-looking invoice template. Then enter a few details, choose a customer, and you’re pretty much done. Email your invoice, or print it out and mail it. Easy as that! Track invoice status easily – the app notifies you of payments and shows you which invoices haven’t been paid. It even shows how long invoices have been outstanding, if they’re overdue.

Get Paid Online

The great thing about these programs is they allow your customers to pay invoices online with credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment apps. It’s so easy! Just choose what forms of payment you are set up to receive (if you want to use PayPal, you need a PayPal account, for example).

Get Help With Setup

Contact Gwen at Cayuse Creek Consulting for help getting set up with cloud accounting. She’s a Certified Bean Counter for Freshbooks, and a Wave Pro. She’s also a QuickBooks Online accountant and a member of the SAGE Accountants Network in Canada. Initial consultations are free.

Cloud Accounting Apps


Wave Apps

Free online accounting software for small businesses -- Wave



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