Etsy shop grand re-opening October 2014!

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I’m back on Etsy with a selection of premium wools, unique & vintage patterns, and handmade gifts, including these Slouchy Slipper Boots for ladies. Check back soon for the pattern.

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Back to school means back to knitting

There’s something about fall that makes me want to cocoon at home and make warm woolly things. I’ve finished a top-down knit raglan pullover sweater for my daughter, a bunch of hats (knitted and crocheted), and slippers too. My other daughter asked for a raglan cardigan in a sparkly yarn, and that one is nearly finished. She is just deciding on a few customizations. I finally finished this toque (a toque is a winter hat, for all you non-Canadians), made of springy Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran superwash merino (luxury!).


Upcoming: Craft Daily Trial Subscription Review

Are online crafting videos worth the subscription price? Blueberry Creek Crafts puts it to the test. Many companies, like Interweave, Craftsy, and Craft Daily, offer pay-per-view online video instruction for knitting and crochet. I originally wanted to watch the Knitting Daily TV series, now available through Knitting Daily. The first season is on Craft Daily, along with many other workshops by famous names like Doris Chan and Lily Chin. I subscribed for one month. My trial is in progress – I’ll report back after a month with what I’ve found useful, what wasn’t worth the money, and an overall rating.


Frozen-Inspired Halloween Hats

I thought we were Frozen-ed out here at home, but as soon as my daughters saw these Anna and Elsa costume hats on the Hopeful Honey blog, they told me I HAD to make them!

There’s a lot going on here at Blueberry Creek Crafts, and I hope you’ll join me.


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Stampin’ Up! is having a giveaway on Facebook for a chance to win our next My Digital Class to help your customers share our excitement about these new classes. When people enter to win, they’ll be hit with all our My Digital Class awesomeness and will get a preview of the classes that will be available for purchase. Those who enter will also get a customized link that they can share with others.

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You can enter the giveaway starting on Tuesday, November 12. To enter, just go to our My Digital Studio Facebook page ( and follow the links there.

Host a workshop in November and receive a free gift

Not sure about workshops? Find out more about what we do by watching this video.

Call me to book your workshop. You’ll get a free gift at the workshop. Your guests will have a great time making cards for Christmas, and they’ll be entered to win a door prize. Making cards is fun and easy. Try it out!

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4 ways to get organized and clear your mind

It’s spring, and even though it’s raining in Castlegar, I’m still excited about all the new ideas for 2013. Is your craft room a mess? Have you been putting off new projects? Here are four ideas for you to get a fresh start with your crafting without the stress.

Clear the Clutter

With two kids, school, work, and hobbies, my family is constantly fighting clutter. My goal is to not to bring in new supplies into a cluttered, messy craft room. I know, it’s hard to keep things organized, especially with crafting. At least it is for me! Get some boxes or a bookshelf and organize your supplies by type and by colour. This could be as simple as having a labelled bin for each of your stamps, inks, pens, punches, dies, paper, and embellishments. You don’t have to go all Martha Stewart, but it helps. (Martha’s a genius and I wish I could be half as good!)

This video from ChicnScratch gives excellent tips on how to organize your desk.

Make a List

You probably have a whole list of to-do’s and half-finished projects floating around in your head. (Or maybe you don’t, maybe that’s just me.) Stop wasting your brain power trying to remember everything. Do a “brain dump” and write all those things down on a list. Pick the top three and save the rest for another day. Try the Epic Day This-n-That bundle from Stampin’ Up! – it’s a fully customizable, colourful journal for notebook-lovers. Or, try the Up to Date Planner digital kit if you prefer to type out a list.

One Thing at a Time

It’s way more effective to work on just one thing at a time. Turn off your iPad and focus on the scrapbook page in front of you. Or load the dishwasher without watching television. If you’re a mom focusing on just one thing will be difficult – try it anyway, maybe after the kids go to bed. Tune out the world by putting on your headphones and cranking up the music while you work. File away all the other projects so you can work on a clean desk. Multi-tasking is not worth the stress.

Sketch it Out

My absolute must-have is the big pad of grid paper from Stampin’ Up! I use it to sketch out craft projects, test colour combos, and even for analyzing data and outlining reports and flowcharts for work. Being able to see how everything fits together makes a project clear and easy to tackle. It also helps you to organize your approach for big, multi-step projects.

Happy spring, and happy crafting!